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A sketch of the future Casey Farm Center for Land Health, a WRD Environmental project. Image © WRD Environmental

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Casey Farm Center for Land Health, Libertyville, IL

Client Profile

Conserve Lake County, which owns and is developing the Casey Farm Center for Land Health, is a nonprofit organization that works alongside those in Lake County who want to preserve beautiful open landscapes and secure clean water, healthy land and habitat for people, plants and wildlife. Lake County has the greatest diversity of native plant and animal life of any county in Illinois.


  • Design and engineer the site to showcase land health and environmentally focused land care
  • Create Conservation@home demonstration areas
  • Develop demonstration areas highlighting best practices in sustainable urban agriculture

Sample Results

  • Developed concept master plan for fundraising and capital campaign use
  • Created site design that supports client’s brand and mission
  • Drafting green infrastructure practices that showcase responsible site development and use
  • Engineering the site to retain and reuse 100% of the stormwater that enters it
  • Creating models of native landscape best practices for replication at corporate, school campus and homeowner scales

Learn more about Conserve Lake County.

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A concept plan for the Casey Farm Center for Land Health. Image © WRD Environmental